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Hospitality Concierge App provides the tools, resources, ideas, critical thinking, and strategies to help you upgrade marketing, sales, operations, staffing, and more. 

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Get instant access to Mandy and the Murry Method.

Take your boutique hotel or Bed and Breakfast to the next level

There is a lot of sizzle out there. A lot of promise to help you succeed, but there is not a lot of meat. This app gives you the meat- the substance- you need to make informed and wise decisions to help you reach your goals and dream at your independent hotel.

No one can guarantee your success or that you will achieve your dreams. That takes work. Hospitality Concierge can’t guarantee every guest will be happy or that you will increase revenue by a million dollars in twelve months, but we can give you clear, concise, up-to-date information and tools to help you now to start making a difference your hotel. 

We discuss it all, and we bring industry experts to the conversation.

The app is here for you to gain knowledge and ideas to implement strategies to take your boutique hotel or Bed and Breakfast to the next level. When you join the Annual Pro Subscription on the app, you will get immediate access to 13 master classes and two classes a month. Master Classes that provide information, tips, tricks, and actional strategies to help. 

  • RevPAR
  • Instagram/TikTok
  • Social Media
  • Staffing
  • Systems
  • Wine Lists
  • Restaurant
  • Menus
  • Housekeeping
  • Operations
  • And so much more

Is This App For You?

Do you desire to provide an incredible and memorable experience for your guests?
Are you struggling with staffing issues?
Would you like to upgrade your social media or marketing?
Is it time for functional system upgrades in your hotel or restaurant?
Would you like to discover hidden profits in your business?
Would you like a stronger word-of-mouth reputation?

If you're shaking your head yes to any of these questions, then this app is exclusively designed for you.

What's Included?

The APP follows the Murry Method, which is a unique system to take your hotel to the next level.

Fresh Ideas:
1v1 Access to Mandy
Your Own App

What Will I learn?

Take your hotel to the next level with Master Classes covering guest experience, marketing, sales, operations, and more.

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This app is great for owners/operators and managers.

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Stay up to date with your industry and stop waiting for annual conferences to give you insight that is no longer current and what you need to be discussing. 

Real Training. ✅
 Real Results.✅
Real Passion.✅

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gain access to Education, Ideas, tips, and Tricks. The content is evergreen, and you can always go back and review it. 
The content is delivered in 20-30 minutes, and some classes come with additional content below each video training. 
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About Hospitality Concierge

Founded by a former boutique hotel owner, Hospitality Concierge is the world’s online education and resource platform to help boutique hotels compete with corporate hotel chains and Ai rBnBs. By giving independent bed & breakfasts, inns, and independent lodging owners and management access to the industry’s best training, tools, and actionable strategies to maximize revenue opportunities within their reach and enhance the guest experience, Hospitality Concierge is committed to preserving the vitality of local culture and communities.

Meet Mandy Murry

Mandy Murry Is A Force In Strategy, Branding, Communication, Story-Telling, And Breaking Up With Fear.  

She Is A Three-Time Cancer Survivor And Instills Her Passion For Travel And Experience Into Everyone She Meets.

She has been there and experienced it – creating the dream and story-book lifestyle of hospitality and travel, and inspiring others to live theirs.

Owner of Hospitality, Real Estate, and Health and Wellness Marketing and Consulting Company
Director of Travel Logistics for VIP Guest of the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay
Sales & Marketing Director for a Private Island Development in the Caribbean
James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner Asheville, NC 2014
Author of Cloudsurfing: Abuse, Cancer, and Fear Took My Voice, Now I Soar
TEDxBountiful License Holder, Organizer & Host 2012
TEDxRiverton License Holder, Organizer & Host 2018, 2019
Food Critic and Travel Writer with accolades in The Huffington Post, Bella Grace, and Forbes. Named the Best Travel Writer in 2018, 2019, and 2022 by Lux Magazine
Owner, General Manager, and Executive Chef at a mountain boutique resort, Snowbird Mountain Lodge

Her passions for food, travel, and business building have led her across the globe to consult with independent and noteworthy hospitality businesses. She has a proven track record of increasing revenue and taking boutique properties to the next level to stay in demand online and offline.

She now teaches online and in-app master classes, provides consulting and mentoring, runs luxury retreats for hospitality professionals and boutique hotels, and runs Good Epicurean, an exclusive culinary dinner event series that gives back to local communities.

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